About Us

About Us - Shaunz Beauty


Shaunz Beauty provides you with the very best mink and silk eyelashes so your lashes can speak volumes! 


Founded by certified makeup artist and lash fanatic Shauna Mitchell. 


"I was always fascinated by false eyelashes because they would completely transform a makeup look. I make sure to test all the Shaunz Beauty eyelashes myself before stocking them on the website and will only stock the best quality" 


Mink lashes are softer and more natural looking lashes, that can be used up to 20 times. Silk lashes are fine, flexible, light weight and has a comfortable feel. They can be used up to 15 times, with proper care and storage. Our Mink lashes are cruelty free.
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Skin & Nails
 We have added our line of nail varnishes and skin care products. We hope you'll enjoy using them