1. Do you ship Internationally?

We ship within the UK at the moment. If you’re outside the Uk and you’re interested please send us a message or email. 

2. Are your Mink lashes cruelty free?

They are indeed cruelty free lashes. We take pride in making sure no animals were harmed in the process. 

3. How many times can i use the lashes?

For the mink lashes, they can be used up to 20 times. The Silk lashes can be used up to 15 times. All this depends on how you care for and store your lashes.

4. How do i care for my lashes?

Avoid using mascara on your lashes. Make sure to remove glue after 2-3 wears by gently peeling off with your fingers or tweezers. Store lash in original packaging or a lash case.

5.How do i apply my lashes?

1.To apply your lashes, first remove lashes gently from tray.

2. Ensure that lash will fit eyes by measuring. Trim excess off if necessary.

3. Apply a glue of your choice along the lash band, do ensure that the ends have enough. Wait at least 30-40 secs to make sure that glue becomes tacky.

4. Using a tweezer, lash applicator or your fingers, apply lash as closely to your natural lash line. You can start in the centre, then work your way from the inner corner to the outer corner.

5. This is optional but for a more blended effect you can use a black liner to fill gaps.

 6. How do i remove my lashes?

To remove lashes, soak a cotton pad with makeup remover, coconut or olive oil. Hold the pad over the lashes with eyes closed for 20 seconds, that will loosen the glue, gently remove lashes.


Hold one end of the lash band and peel away very gently. Make sure to store your lashes properly!

 7. Do you offer MUA discounts?

For more information on this, please send us an email at shaunzbeauty@gmail.com.